16 October 2018, Tuesday, 16:17
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Villager From Kobryn District: Give Land To Peasants, You’ve Been Promising This For 100 Years


Stsiapan Dubchuk is defending his right to demand land reform from the authorities.

The Kobryn district court is considering an administrative case of Stsiapan Dubchuk, a resident of the village of Malya Pryluki. He is accused of holding a picket on November 7, when he came to the official event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution with the slogan: "The land is for the peasants. When?"

For many years, Dubchuk asked to allocate 3 hectares of land for the maintenance of subsidiary farming, but the government refuses. After voicing the problem in the press, the police staretd dealing with the villager. The case came to the court.

— They made a protocol over alleged organization of a mass event , which was a picket, by me, — Stsiapan Dubchuk told Radio Racyja. — Although I did not organize a picket. I wanted to celebrate a national holiday. Moreover, the meeting and the laying of flowers were authorized by the city executive committee. Under this slogan, for 100 years, various politicians have come to power and all promised land to the peasants. The same as the fight against corruption — and also come to power. However, neither the former nor the latter was done.

Stsiapan Dubchuk is a peasant in the fifth tribe. At this stage, he and his mother maintain a farm on the 3 hectares, allocated to the mother. They planted a garden of walnuts, apricots, and sweet cherries there. Stsiapan would like to expand the business. And for this, to have his own piece of land. But instead of land, he was given a dock in the Kobryn court.