19 October 2018, Friday, 2:37
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Human Rights Defenders: Three More Criminal Cases On Ammunition Filed Against Patriots


The authorities continue prosecutions related to the case of patriots.

As the human rights activists from Viasna reported, apart from Andrei Bialiauski's criminal case, two more cases were initiated against the former defendants in the "case of patriots," also under article 295 on illegal trafficking and storage of ammunition, Radio Svaboda reports.

The names are not yet made public; the investigative committee refuses to comment on this information.

"So far, the information that human rights defenders have is not enough," – they note on these cases in Viasna.

Valiantsin Stefanovich, a human rights activist from Viasna, announced his intention to "thoroughly monitor" the criminal case on the patron found at the figurant of the former "case of patriots" Andrei Bialiauski.

In the event that Bialiauski is punished by a real imprisonment, such punishment can be regarded as clearly disproportionate and politically motivated, which means that the question of recognizing Bialiauski as a political prisoner will arise, Stefanovich is sure.

Valiantsin Stefanovich recalled the reason why the Investigative Committee terminated the criminal case at the end of November. Although the investigators then saw formal signs of "creating an illegal armed formation" in the actions of the defendants of the case, they decided that those actions "do not pose a public danger," since they did not do any harm to anyone.

"In accordance with Part 4 of Article 11 of the Criminal Code, they were "recognized insignificant", – the human rights activist said. It is logical that the case with the cartridge also does not pose a great public danger and the case can also be stopped as insignificant."

It became known about the initiation of a criminal case against the computer graphics Andrei Bialiauski on December 4. The case was brought on November 27 under article 295: for the storage of a live cartridge. Andrei Bialiauski admits that he had a Kalashnikov assault rifle's cartridge, and claims that in fact it was a souvenir, which he was not going to use as intended. The investigative committee informed that Andrei Bialiauski had the status of a suspect in this case.