20 October 2018, Saturday, 12:22
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Story Of Belarusian Patriot Who Struck Bolshevik Krivoshein With Revolver


At the presentation of the book Holy Belarus Called Them they told about exemplary cases.

100 years ago the All-Belarusian Congress was held in Minsk. It denoted the beginning of the BNR, but was overtaken by the Bolsheviks. This date was marked by the presentation of the book Holy Belarus Called Them in the Minsk manor of the Belarusian Language Association.

One of the authors Valery Herasimau told racyja.com: "There is a passage about the case of a teacher from the Mahiliou province in this book. Krivoshein approached her, she took out a revolver and wanted to shoot at him. But the revolver misfired. He told her: "And you, beauty, will go with me in the car." So she hit him at the face with that revolver. And then the soldiers attacked her and started beating her up. All the delegates stood up for the teacher, and a fight broke out. And they were simple teachers. Here, the words of Yezovitov about those who were represented at the congress are also quoted. He said: "both the gray shirts of peasants, and the civilian clothing of intellectuals."