16 October 2018, Tuesday, 16:16
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Kobrin Farmer Put Judge Into Fright With "Black Poster"


In court, they asked Stsiapan Dubchuk why he did not go to the square with a red slogan.

The trial of Stsiapan Dubchuk, a villager from the Kobryn district, will continue on December 14th. Stsiapan stated the need to call witnesses to the court – officials from the district executive committee.

They will help him to prove that he came to an authorized holiday on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, but was holding his own poster, which was black and had the inscription "Land to peasants! When?" The farmer told about this to racyja.com:

– The judge said: "Why did you bring a black slogan?" I answered: every man to his own taste. I said that I mourned the dreams of the peasantry, which did not come true. Such a mourning – they don't give land for 100 years already.

The human rights activist Uladzimir Vialichkin was surprised that the judge was excited about the color of the poster:

– Stsiapan is tried for something that he allegedly organized, but what he did not organize, in fact. The judge asked at the end of today's hearing: "Why did you come with a black poster? Why not with a red one?" There is an opinion that he was mistaken for an anarchist because of the black color of his poster.

According to Stsiapan Dubchuk, they didn't touch him until the announcement in the press about his participation in the event on the square on November 7. As soon as the article was published, the precinct officer immediately asked him to write an explanatory note, drew a protocol against him and sent it to the court.