16 February 2019, Saturday, 7:21
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REP Activist: I Have Right To Express My Ideas Without Restraint


Halina Lazarava will appeal against the fine for the poster "Salary First, Rent Payments After."

Babruisk court judge Harmash fined REP trade union activists Halina Lazarava and Aliaksei Trafimau 2 basic units for participation in the picket on October 7. The trial lasted three days. The hearing was adjourned because of poor-quality video materials provided by the police, svaboda.org reports.

"How did I violate public security standing with the poster "Salary First, Rent Payments After" on a half-empty square for 15 minutes? – Halina Lazarava said in her last statement. – I just expressed my opinion. Belarus has signed international agreements and undertaken to bring our national legislation in line with international law. And it gives a person the full right to express his thoughts freely in a peaceful way."

At the trial, Halina Lazarava filed a complaint against the actions of Lieutenant Colonel Rudzko. After the picket, he was insisting on her coming to the police department, but she was sitting at home with three children, and the younger son, who is a year and three months old, was sick.

On the third day after the picket, Halina and her son were taken to the city children's infectious hospital. Then Lieutenant-Colonel Rudzko came to the hospital and questioned the mother with the sick child in her arms in the procedural room.

Halina's friends, who had just come to see her, tried to persuade the policeman to stop questioning the patients – he called for a squad, two of them were detained.

Aliaksei Trafimau complained that during interrogations in the police he was not given time to find a lawyer (after the first interrogation, the second one was appointed on the evening of the same day).

The court rejected all the complaints and did not find any violations in the work of the police.

Lazarava and Trafimau are going to appeal against the verdict.