20 October 2018, Saturday, 8:16
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Hrodna Activist Calls Chairman Of Executive Committee ‘Onto Carpet’


For four years of work of the Hrodna official, attempts of activists to make an appointment with him at the reception were unsuccessful.

Activist of the United Civil Party Mikalai Salianik met with Chairman of the Hrodna regional executive committee Uladzimir Krautsou. This is an extremely rare occurrence for Hrodna, Radio Racyja reports.

After all, traditionally, during four years of work of the Hrodna official, all the attempts of civil activists to make an appointment with him at the reception did not bring success. Their appeals were redirected to his deputies. Mikalai Salianik tells:

— Firstly, they also wanted to send me to the deputies. I replied that I would only talk with the first person. Perhaps they know me from the speeches on the Square, when I was not hiding during the actions against the Decree # 3. I told my name, surname, phone number, the place of domiciliation. I'm not afraid of this government, because I do not do anything illegal.

Among the issues that Mikalai Salianik raised with Uladzimir Krautsou, there was the danger of the nuclear power plant in Astravets, the topic of the small border traffic that does not work, the quality of servicing the local traffic police, public transport in the Alshanka microdistrict, and social justice. As Mikalai Salianik said, he did not answer all the questions:

— I perfectly understand what kind of "elections" we have, what kind of legislation. Back in 1996 I ran for the Supreme Council. I passed though the first round, and then Lukashenka canceled the second round of the election.