12 December 2018, Wednesday, 2:33
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Henadz Fiadynich: No One Closed ‘Trade Unions Case’


The independent trade union continues to work despite all the obstacles set by the authorities.

Head of the independent trade union of the radio-electronic industry workers (REP) Henadz Fiadynich told about the stage of the investigation into the so-called “trade unions case”, praca-by.info writes.

– It’s better to ask the investigators about the progress of the investigation, not me. As we are summoned for interrogations, I presume the case is conntinued, nobody closed it. I think they have no idea when it will end themselves.

– Is Ihar Komlik’s passport still at the investigators’?

– He was supposed to be returned his passport back on Monday. However, as Ihar Komlik is on a sick leave now, he will have the passport in the nearest days. However, both Ihar Komlik and I remain under the non-leave obligation. Our rights are limited, and I believe it’s illegal.

– Which other aspects of your work are affected by the criminal case?

– The most important thing is that they do not return computers to the REP office. How long can it possibly take to check all the computers? We cannot organize the working process at the same level as it was before the searches and confiscations. They seized 11 laptops, about 8 hard drives, approximately the same number of cell phones: this is our entire working equipment.