24 April 2019, Wednesday, 7:51
For our and your freedom!

Minsk And Vilnius: Far And Near


Here’s how the freedom was gained.

Vilnius. 29 years ago, my husband and I came together to this city for the first time and found ourselves at this place.

The entire Cathedral Square, it was called Gedimin Square at the time, was covered with tents and photographs of those who died during the Stalinist repressions. Candles were burning.

"Do you remember that time?" – I asked a waiter of the restaurant where we came for lunch today.

"Yes, I was 17. People were coming to the rallies, first there were 200 people, then more and more... They were making fires, singing songs. They were laying down their lives for the country. And they obtained freedom."

Minsk and Vilnius are a wave away: 172 km in a crow line. And a long way away: 30 years behind.

Liudzmila Mirzayanava, ucpb.org