18 June 2018, Monday, 14:32

Protests In Belarus. What Ukrainians Should Do

Oleg Belokolos

Mass protests have been going on in Belarus for several weeks.

Their immediate cause was the unprecedented in world practice and the infamous decree of Aliaksandr Lukashenka about the so-called "social parasites". He caused a fair and angry wave of indignation among ordinary Belarusians. However, a certain specific international situation is already beginning to form around these events.

Thus, it seems that the events in Belarus recently attracted the attention of the leading western media also because the weakening or collapse of the regime there would certainly affect the long-term interests of Russia in this country and in the whole region.

So far, the reaction of the official side to the situation in Belarus has been fairly neutral. However, it is obvious that the kremlin closely watches its development. Moscow and Minsk are bound by many bilateral agreements, including those within the framework of the "union state" of Russia and Belarus, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Eurasian Economic Community and the like.

Undoubtedly, we should not only observe, but also understand well what is happening in this extremely important for us neighboring country.

Unfortunately, the serious miscalculation of the Ukrainian authorities is the lack of their own information impact on the population of Belarus, which has long been under the powerful propaganda hypnosis of Moscow.

Therefore, the Ukrainian civil society should strengthen and expand contacts with the Belarusian opposition circles.

Oleg Belokolos, “Maidan of Foreign Affairs”, exclusively for Gazeta.ua