21 May 2018, Monday, 4:30

The Constitutional Court Found No Violations in Decree on "Parasitism"


The Constitutional Court has not found violations in the anti-constitutional decree.

This has been reported by the Constitutional Court on its website in response to electronic requests of citizens to verify the constitutionality of the decree.

First of all, the Constitutional Court stressed that only Lukashenka, "The House of Representatives", "the Council of the Republic", the Supreme Court and the Council of Ministers had the right to initiate the test of a law for constitutionality. Citizens are recommended to address to these bodies if they believe that their constitutional rights have been violated, Euroradio reports.

With regard to Decree No. 3, the Court found the conformity with Articles 56 and 133 of the Constitution requiring citizens to participate in the financing of public expenditures.

"Assessing the constitutionality of the laws that have amended and supplemented the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus (in terms of designation of the financing of the public expenditure introduced by the Decree as republican taxes (duties)) and the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Offences (in terms of administrative liability for non-payment or incomplete payment of the duty) the Constitutional Court found that such legal regulation was based on provisions of Articles 56 and 133 of the Constitution and was aimed at the obligation to pay legally established taxes, duties and other payments. "The payment of taxes, duties and other payments is an unconditional requirement of the State arising from the constitutional obligation of everyone to participate in the financing of public expenditures (Article 56 of the Constitution)", the statement says.

The Constitutional Court also states that it has not revealed any "gaps, conflicts and legal uncertainties which have constitutional and legal significance and which can perform as a ground for the Constitutional Court's proceedings on the case".

Decree No. 3, commonly known as "Decree on Parasitism" has aroused indignation among Belarusian citizens. Numerous street protests have been held against the decree in various cities of the country .