23 April 2018, Monday, 16:31

Andrei Stryzhak: Protests To Reach Peak On March 25 In Minsk, On March 26 – In Homel, Vitsebsk

Andrei Stryzhak

The government has left no options to the people but for coming out to the street to protest.

The protest wave, which is being actively beaten by the authorities now, is escalating towards its peak nevertheless, activist of the Independent Trade Union of the Radio-Electronic Industry Workers Andrei Stryzhak believes.

“I predict that the most massive actions will be held in Minsk, Homel and probably Vitsebsk. The protest moods in Minsk and in the regions seem similar, but there is a difference relating to the people who come out to protest in all these cities. If Minsk has a traditional layer of the democratic-thinking people, who have been significantly dissolved by the “parasites”, than in the regions they are mostly the “parasites” – the people who have never come out to any action before and supported the current authorities only yesterday,” - Andrei Stryzhak has told Radio Liberty.

The activist thinks that the government has left no options to the people but for coming out to the street to protest.

“I think there is a need to protest on March 25, as the government hasn’t left us a single legal mechanism of counterstanding to the Decree #3.

The 25 thousand signatures, collected by our trade union and sent to Lukashenka’s Administration, were actually thrown away by the authorites. Our new address to the Constitutional Court followed the same destiny.

The judges of the Constitutional Court think that the “social parasites” tax is acceptable in our country. At present, the only mechanism is to come out to the Square and unite around the public organizations which protect the people’s rights, like our independent trade union, for example.”