22 April 2018, Sunday, 5:57

Labour Ministry Offers Extra Tax For Working Belarusians


The "unemployment insurance" will be obligatory paid by both employees and employers.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection wants to introduce the unemployment insurance - a mandatory monthly contribution that employers and employees will pay.

In early February, the proposals were submitted to the government, Head of the Employment Policy Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Aleh Tokun has told sb.by.

It is planned that payment of the unemployment insurance will be mandatory. However, it will be possible to obtain help only in case of registration in the employment service.

"We have calculated that the monthly contribution should be 0,5% of the wage fund. At the same time, we offer to pay this amount equally - by the employer and the employee. That is, the employee will have to pay 1,25% to the Social Protection Fund instead of 1%. It seems to me that this is an insignificant increase, given that a person receives real protection from unemployment. And the employers, I think, will also not mind, since this will shift a certain burden of social responsibility for the employees being dismissed, from them," - Tokun has said.