25 April 2018, Wednesday, 19:15

Hrodna Resident: I Get Beggarly Pension While Lukashenka Is Touring Around The World


The people will not forgive the neglect of their problems.

“I have worked in the production sphere for 48 years, and what do I have? When Lukashenka was a candidate for president in 1994, he seemed competent, smart. I voted for him. After the first term, I realized that he deceived the people. He made beautiful speeches in the Supreme Council. After he was “elected” for the second term, I sent him a letter that it was a disgrace to me that I got such a beggarly pension, having worked 48 years in the production sphere, while he was touring all over the world. The people are so aggravated by those tours of his. “A little boy met with the President of China”. Why do you pursue such policy? Why do you poison Belarusians with this palm oil? They send the production of high quality abroad! And poison us! I am a former resident of a children's home, I am used to living on a beggarly wage. However, our courts, our law-enforcement agencies are subordinate to Lukashenka, and he is pursuing the policy of destruction of the Belarusian people. The people will never forgive this!” – a pensioner has said at the march of protest in Hrodna.

The website Charter97.org provided the live text coverage of the “Non-Parasites March” in Hrodna.