25 June 2018, Monday, 16:51

Participant Of Minsk March: There Are Many Of Us Today, And Will Be More On March 25


The state power should be definitely changed.

“I came here because I am sick of it all. The salary is low, there are no jobs. I cannot tolerate this any longer. There are many of us today, and there will be more on March 25! What is happening in the country now cannot last any more. The state power should be changed definitely. I came to similar actions in Homel, and I arrived to the capital on purpose, so that the people would see our solidarity with the Minskers, so that they would stop sitting at home! People, the Belarusian nation needs your support now, “ – the participant of the “Non-Parasites March” in Minsk has said.

Important to note, the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress have called on their fellow citizens from Minsk and the regions to come out to the Freedom Day rally on March 25 in Minsk, and to the protest actions on March 26 in the regions.