22 June 2018, Friday, 10:47

Riot Policemen In Civilian Clothes: I GetThis Uniform From State


The state equips "shuniavkas" (Shunevich's squirts) at the expense of taxpayers.

During the trial of one of the detainees for his participation in the March of Non-Parasites, a riot policeman said that security-service agents get their civil clothes from the state– pants and sports suits, in which they are noticed at various rallies, tut.by reports.

The court of Tsentralny District considered 29-year-old unemployed Artsiom Skorabahaty’s participation in the March of Non-Parasites. The man was sentenced to 15 days of arrest. He claimed that he had not taken part in the March of Non-Parasites at all. However, riot policemen Aliaksandr Kulesh and Siarhei Kutsko, who were witnesses at the trial, said that they had seen him there. And at that, the detainee was violating the law – he was marching in a black mask. At the same time, they had not noticed a large backpack behind the young man's back, and they had failed to remember the color of his hat. Only his green pants.

The police explained that they had worked in civilian clothes at the protest rally. They had repeated to the young man several times, that he was violating the law. The riot policemen were not sure, whether he had heard them.

– Why did not you show your identity document, so that my client could know, that it was the police officers, who were making demands?" – lawyer Alina Shostak asked.

– There were a lot of people there, they could seize it (the certificate), – witness Siarhei Kutsko responded.

His partner Aliaksandr Kulesh also said that civilian clothes were given to the riot police by the state.

– The pants and the sports suit are the property of the state. It equips me with this civil form, – the witness said.