25 April 2018, Wednesday, 19:04

"Belarusians got even more angry with regime"


Even those who hesitated will take to the streets of Minsk on Freedom Day on March 25.

Activists of opposition organizations said this to Radio Svaboda.

The BCD party activist Dzianis Sadouski, who actually headed the March of Non-Parasites in Minsk on March 15, is sure:

"The action of March 25 will be the main one in content and quantity. It depends on the number of participants of the action on March 25, how the events in the country will develop further on."

He also added that "Marches of Non-Parasites", which were held in Hrodna and Mahilyou on March 15, have become record-breaking in number of participants for these cities.

The representative of the Belarusian People's Front Dzmitry Kaspiarovich said that the authorities are frightened by the scale of the protests.

"The authorities have demonstrated fear. They brutally grabbed absolutely peaceful people, who are now being tried and given administrative arrests. Such is the logic of the authorities. But judging from the reactions in social networks I see that people got even more angry at the behavior of the authorities. Therefore, we can expect that even those who hesitated will take to the streets on March 25."