21 April 2018, Saturday, 1:00

‘Shuniavki’ Disgrace Themselves Again


The police wanted to punish a 7-year-old boy who ate a bun in a store.

Reporting at the conference, the Deputy Prosecutor General has told how an administrative proceeding was started against a 7-year-old child for the bun that he had eaten in the store, tut.by writes.

The conference “Timely Issues of Prophylactics of Law Beaking” is taking place in Belarus today. Deputy Prosecutor General Aliaksandr Lashyn, while presenting his report, has told about an occurrence in Minsk:

— A 7-year-old boy ate a 90-kapeykas bun in a big department store. An administrative proceeding was started against the boy under Article 10.5 “Petty stealing”. The law-enforcement agencies’ officers tried to make him admit guilt and demanded, let me quote here – “explanations”, — Aliaksandr Lashyn has told.

An administrative proceeding was started against a 7-year-old boy. Petty stealing is punished with a fine for 10 to 30 base fees, or with an administrative detention. The Prosecutor’s office was outraged by the whole situation. Moreover, it turned out this wasn’t just a single case.

— Very soon, a toddler’s age will become no obstacle for subjecting to responsibility,”— Deputy Prosecutor General Aliaksandr Lashyn has noted sarcastically.

*“Shuniavki” – despisedly about the force structures officers, the “hawks” - a neologism created of the surname of the Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich, who is referred to as their boss, and the word “shavki” which actually means “squirts”, “rats”.