19 June 2018, Tuesday, 3:47

Volha Nikalaichyk: Authorities Fear King-Kong Joining Us


The staff of the “Kastrychnik” cinema got scared of the outraged Belarusians and cancelled the show of the movie “King-Kong Alive!”

Civil activist and director Volha Nikalaichyk has told a funny story at her Facebook page.

“Yesterday, the show of the movie “King-Kong Alive!” was cancelled during our gathering near the “Kastrychnik” cinema, before the start of the outraged Belarusians’ protest.

Maybe the administration of the cinema got scared that the hungry “social parasites” would strom the building and would watch some Hollywood horror for free, having grabbed the pop-corn, and then stay there, like raisins in a bun. Or maybe the municipal authorities with their sick imagination were afraid that King-Kong would join the protests and would take the “shuniavki”* around the city in cages, eating them with his American Coca-Cola... It’s hard to tell...

However, after the massacre that the force structures committed over the Belarusian activists, I believe that King-Kong is alive, and he will come out on March 25 and deal with our authorities, he will come out with a huge Japanese drum and shout “BA-A-A-A-A-A-A-ASTA!!!!” so that the whole city would hear. I kindly asked him on that,” – Volha Nikalaichyk writes, ironically.

*“Shuniavki” – despisedly about the force structures officers, the “hawks” - a neologism created of the surname of the Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich, who is referred to as their boss, and the word “shavki” which actually means “squirts”, “rats”.