22 April 2018, Sunday, 5:46

Pensioner From Slonim: Power Can’t Resolve Anything

Slonim residents took to the streets of the town because of the authorities’ unwillingness to resolve problems of ordinary people.

"I worked, then I was fired. Now I'm retired. I worked for 36 years as a librarian, used to get a small salary – that's why I have a small pension.

I have many chronic diseases, but I cannot afford good medicines for this money. I had to come to the clinic for two weeks to get a free coupon for examination. I felt bad and still I had to walk. My son is forced to work in Moscow, because he cannot support his family. We cannot find work in Slonim. Our government cannot resolve anything," – a participant of the Slonim rally told.

Charter97.org provided live coverage of the Slonim rally.