23 March 2019, Saturday, 6:38
A Challenge for Everyone

Slonim Resident: Everything Is Against People In Our State

A resident of Slonim is outraged by the economic situation in the country and by absurd decrees.

"We need jobs. They do not buy a new machine for the plant – they create a new police. It is easier for them to fine unemployed people in a new court building than to buy new equipment, to put people behind machines to earn money, because then it is necessary to sell products somewhere, it is difficult. And there are no complexities in the following: to build a police building for budgetary money and fine people in it – and they’ve got some money already.

There is pressure for money in the country, especially this is true in our small town, where there are no entrepreneurs or work. A salary of 150 - 200 rubles – this is ridiculous. The people have gone to work to Moscow.

Everything in the state is against the people. And the authorities, instead of listening, try to intimidate people. If fewer people take to the square, there will be fewer questions, the authorities stand to gain from this," – the Slonim rally participant said.