21 June 2018, Thursday, 13:38

Slonim Dweller: All Power Has Gone Mad!

An outraged Slonim dweller expressed the attitude of the people to power is a laconic and clear way.

Hundreds of Slonim residents participated in the Outraged Belarusians March in their city today. The website Charter97.org broadcasted Slonim action online.

The Deputy Chairman of the Slonim District Executive Committee came out to the protesters and tried to talk with people about the vacancies available in the employment service. An outraged Slonim dweller quickly besieged the official:

“What kind of vacancies do you have there? Those with the salary of 200 rubles. And my utility bills are 200 rubles. How can one survive, explain? My wife's pension is 170 rubles! I work in Russia and do not always get paid there either.

How to survive, explain? It seems to me that you (officials - ed.) have completely gone… (twists his finger near his temple - ed.). You’ve gone crazy. All of you. All power has gone crazy! I take responsibility for my words, even if they shoot me here. Here's my answer to you (the authorities - ed.)!"