10 December 2018, Monday, 6:13
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Mother Of 4 Children From Mahiliou: We Must Go To March Not To Be Ashamed Of Ourselves


All the Belarusians, regardless of their social status and income, must be in solidarity in the fight against the illegal power.

Parents of 4 children Alena and Yury Kren came to the Mahiliou "March of Non-Parasites" on March 15.

The family has told Radio Svaboda, what they lived through on the Constitution Day.

There are four children in the Kren family. The youngest Illia is not even a year old. While his parents are busy with the conversation, his older sister Ksiusha is looking after him. Another son Roman is busy reading. And their daughter Anna studies in Minsk.

Alena and Yury note that their family is not in need. They are both entrepreneurs, engaged in the landscape gardening.

"Our occupation is seasonal, but we are accustomed to live like this," – they explain to the journalists.

"The Decree No. 3 has not touched upon us at all, but it finally has made us realize that we must be together with people," – they say. "We must be in solidarity with others, for the time will come, and something else will touch upon us."

"We felt that we would be ashamed of ourselves, if we did not go to the March of Non-Parasites," – Alena notes. – We see what is happening in our country and with our people. Our family lives well, but there is so much grief around, and we wanted to support morally those, whose life is not easy."

"I respect Homel blogger Maksim Filippovich, who is currently on hunger strike in custody. And, apparently, his example made me get up from the couch, go out and address to people. Filippovich's thoughts coincide with mine, which is why I immediately felt respect for him. I think that every honest person in our country is Maksim Filippovich," – Alena said.

Alena urged protesters to be in solidarity with the blogger in her speech at the rally.

"He shares his thoughts, like each of us does, and lays them open on the Internet. Let's support him with the words "I'm Maksim Filippovich," – Alena addressed the crowd. In response, the meeting shouted: "I am Maksim Filippovich!".

"At that moment I almost cried," – Alena confesses to the journalist. – "I'm sure that few people know about Filippovich, however, the amicable chanting was so touching that it was very difficult to refrain from tears."