19 June 2018, Tuesday, 3:47

Slonim Activist: No Trust To Authorities


Victar Marchyk has been released.

The trial against activist from Slonim Victar Marchyk, who was detained after the “Non-Parasites March” yesterday, has been postponed till Friday, gazetaby.com writes.

He has petitioned today in court to postpone the trial as he is going to find a lawyer first:

“In the police department, the police treated me normally. Still, I did not agree with the record. The authorities set me up, and I have no more trust to them. We agreed with Deputy Head of the District Executive Committee Katsiaryna Rutkouskaya that we would not use any symbols or hold a mass-meeting in the square. I kept my word, I quietly and peacefully led the people to the Executive Committee. As for the fact that the officials didn’t like the questions which the people asked, I never promised anything about this. In a word, I trust the authorities no more.”