24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:38

Salihorsk workers held spontaneous strike


Installers from Belaruskali refused to work after they saw the payrolls with their salaries.

On April 12, a spontaneous meeting took place at the 1st Ore Mining Department of JSC Belaruskali. Employees of the Trust "Remmontazhstroy" refused to do their work, thereby showing their dissatisfaction with the decline in wages, the website of the Independent Trade Union of Miners belnp.org. reports.

– Yesterday we received payment slips, today people come with the question: what to do, – the chairman of the Trust "Remmontazhstroy" Siarhei Babrou, who participated in the spontaneous meeting, tells. – The salary fell twice, in March 2016 I earned 1400 rubles, today I received 710. People began to resent, they say, how to live further on? We received 280 rubles each, but we need to pay loans, what money should we live on? This has never happened!

The workers went to the management demanding to call the leadership of the trust. In his turn, the director of the trust Kurbyka further angered the workers, saying that there was no fall of wages, about which people say:

– There was a feeling that the administration didn't really perform monitoring of salaries, or simply was hiding the data, – Siarhei says. – The chairman began to threaten, saying that other contractors would come to our places and everyone would remain without work, including him.

According to the employees, instead of trying to solve the problem, he only aggravated it. Two hours of talk lead to nothing at the end. While the state trade union, as always, kept silent. According to Siarhei Babrou, it was clear that the employees were satisfied with themselves, they did not react to the director's heightened tone:

– I really feel the support of our employees, despite the fact that I did not organize anything, everything happened spontaneously. And it's wonderful that people got self-organized, I see only positive side in this. The reason is the obvious oversight of the leadership, since the problem did not arise today, the wages started to fall from January. We wanted to voice these problems at the meeting of mine administration in March, but no one from the trust leadership came, except the chief of our mine administration. Seeing this attitude, the people got up and just left the meeting.

According to Siarhei, workers from other sites, from the mine administrations 2, 3 and 4 phoned to employees of the mine administration 1 and told them and their management that they supported their demand. The leadership offered to meet on the next day, selecting the main representatives of the employees. It is not known what they will talk about, given the tonality in which today's conversation took place.

Especially considering that the workers felt the strictest control over the working time schedule immediately after this incident. Surely, they will catch and spy on the workers, the trade union activist thinks. They have already accused the Independent Trade Union of Miners of preparing this action, as it is certainly an easy way - to find the guilty in their own mistakes.

We remind, that the issue of falling salaries and reduction in the amount of work at Trust Remmontazhstroy was raised at the Council of Representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Miners in the presence of the General Director of JSC "Belaruskali" Holovaty, who in his turn made it clear that the reason was not in the absence of work, but in the leadership of the trust.