21 May 2018, Monday, 0:20

Henadz Davydzka Introduced In Likeness Of Teletubby

Anonymous street artists continue to popularize anti-heroes of our time.

They presented Belteleradiocompany head Henadz Davydzka in the likeness of a teletubby – a creature with a TV instead of the heart.

Teletubbies with Henadz Davydzka’s face have appeared in several places of the capital, including the BTRC building.

The authors of street portraits call them a response to the propaganda campaign on television stacked against dissenters, who are not given a word, are not given the opportunity to object, Signal project writes.

Davydzka’s proposal to ban comments on news on the Internet, according to the authors of the portraits, is an eloquent example of such an approach.

"Actually, Davydzka himself has been already practicing it – for example, the movie "White Legion of Black Souls" cannot be commented on YouTube, the option is disabled. Propaganda does not tolerate feedback, does not allow for any objections. Just take it and stuff yourself with it, that's all. We do not want to put up with this. After all, the Constitution of our country guarantees the freedom of diversity of opinions," – street artists say.

They also explain why they have resorted to the image of the Teletubbies.

"The animated series was intended for very small children who are just learning how to walk and talk. It was assumed that teletubbies would help them. The mere idea to replace live experience with the TV is strange. And here it was massively watched by quite grown up children, which looked absolutely strange. The state-run Belarussian television is pretty similar to that, it treats the audience as small children – first, it frightens them with horror stories, then it feeds them with some semolina. We are not citizens for them, equal members of the public dialogue, but only an object for manipulation.

The Teletubbies are creatures without character and actions, they are not independent, all their actions are subject to strict control of a certain voice from above. They have a TV instead of a heart. These characteristics also influenced the choice of the image for the portrait," – the artists explain.

Anonymity of their works is caused not so much by the fear of possible persecution, as by the lack of desire to attract attention. Artists demonstrate that everyone can be in their place.

"We call for following our example and responding to propaganda with available means. We must remind about the existence of a different opinion, different from that one, which is given to us as the only possible. If we do not object, the "teletubbies" will continue to feed us as small children," – the artists summarize.