24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:32

Homel: It's Time To Show Red "Be Off!" Card To Dictator


Thanks to mass protests, the people have succeeded in occupying a noticeable status in the political field.

On April 18, an open discussion of the format of the May Day solidarity rally was held at the Homel Social and Political Center in Palesskaya Street. It was attended by representatives of various political parties, movements, public organizations, as well as by Homel bloggers, Radio Svaboda reports.

Some participants of the meeting suggested taking to the Vasstaniya Square on May 1 with white-red-white flags and understandable slogans: "Work. Solidarity. Reforms. Honest Elections."

Public activist Aliaksandr Pratsko suggested taking red cards, as in football, with the inscription: "Be Off!".

Vasil Paliakou, the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party, believes that the Belarusian society has now succeeded in occupying a noticeable status in the political field: "People with their protests in February and March secured the suspension of Decree No. 3 and felt that together they could force the authorities to reckon with their opinion. The authorities' unwillingness to carry out social and economic reforms will bring more citizens to the streets," – Vasil Paliakou believes.