21 June 2018, Thursday, 13:38

Regime Loses Another Item Of Income


The regime loses another item of income.

The prices on the world market of fertilizers continue to fall.

In January-February 2017, Belarus grew the export of potash fertilizers by 61,3% to 977 thousand tons, based on the active ingredient. Such sharp increase in the supply is partly due to the low base in early 2016, belmarket.by writes.

In value terms, the exports grew by 25,5% to $ 323,18. The average delivery price was lower than 22,2% at the beginning of last year.

The supplies of the nitrogen fertilizers were twofold lower than last year. For the two months of the year, 33,4 thousand tons were exported in total, based on the active ingredient. In value terms, the exports fell by 52,1% to $ 16,34 million.

The supplies of mixed mineral fertilizers for the two months of the year rose by 27,6% to 172,46 thousand tons. In value terms, they decreased by 0,9% to $ 41,2 million. The average delivery price fell by 22,3%.

About a third of all mixed fertilizers was delivered to Ukraine. The exports in this area rose by 5,8% to 61,2 thousand tons. The export outside the CIS, including the EU, also increased by 28,5% to 94,87 thousand tons. The main buyers were Poland (37,27 thousand tons), Lithuania (41,9 thousand tons), and Latvia (13,2 thousand tons).

The negative price dynamics in the fertilizers market in the past year has affected the financial performance of the Belarusian producers. The net profit of the Belaruskali declined five-fold to Bn 217,2 million.

JSC "Grodno Azot" has recorded a net loss of Bn 143,8 million vs the loss of Bn 2,5 million in 2015.