27 May 2018, Sunday, 6:32

Another Industrial Injury Concealed At ‘Belaruskali’


The worker of the 1st mine who was knocked down by an auto-loader regained consciousness only in hospital.

Yesterday, master of shipment of the packing department Sviatlana Halavachenka received serious injuries at the 1st mine group of OJSC "Belaruskali". This information has been provided to the Charter97.org by a knowledgeable source at the JSC "Belaruskali".

According to the available information, she was knocked down by an auto-loader, after which she lost consciousness and woke up alone in the hospital. She is having surgeries after the fractures.

It has been reported that she had a broken leg, hands, as well as bruised chest. This incident has been discussed by the whole factory, also because the incident is being reported as a household injury.

The casualty is a member of the state trade union of chemists, but their representatives, together with the Administration, remain silent. After the incident, she was “secretly” taken to the hospital by the ambulance, and no records about the emergency situation were made.