20 April 2018, Friday, 9:54

Belarusian NPP Constructed Near Anthrax Cattle Burial Grounds


As a result of works the movement of groundwater can change and the spores of the dangerous disease may get into the drinking water.

As it was revealed during the round table "Astravets nuclear power plant - a new Chernobyl?" the Belarusian construction is located in close proximity to the burial ground, where animals with anthrax were buried. The problem is that as a result of the work, the movement of groundwater can change and the spores that retain the pathogenic agent of the disease for centuries will get into the drinking water. However, state specialists say that everything was taken into account and is under control. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem regarding the nuclear power plant.

"Several years ago the source of this infection was found in Yamal in Russia. As a result, more than 2,000 deer died. Then there were talks of about a 30-kilometer security zone. If this is the case, the whole construction site of Belarusian NPP falls into such a zone," – Professor Heorhi Lepin said to Belsat.

Professor Lepin also recalled that in 1993, the place where the Belarusian NPP is being constructed, was officially recognized to be the worst place for erecting such facilities.