20 April 2018, Friday, 10:00

Lukashenka: They Say We Are Begging Something From Russia On Our Knees Again


The dictator called Belarus "the assembly shop of the Russian Federation".

Today, during the negotiations with the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia Valery Shantsev, Lukashenka commented on some of the statements that appear in the Russian media regarding relations with Belarus, BelTA reports.

The Ruler drew attention to the fact that Russian media criticized the Belarusian-Russian relations. Some media resources continued doing this, even despite the negotiations of the two countries in St. Petersburg.

"Different speculations appear in mass media about who deceived and whom, that we are begging something from Russia on our knees gain, etc. We have never knelt before anyone. You know this well, we have known each other for decades already. I want to say to individual scribblerы and speakers on television that Belarusian products (tractors, cars, the whole machine-building or chemical industry) contain from 30% to 90% of components and raw materials from Russia," – Lukashenka noted.

"When the "Union State" was being formed, it was decided not to break the established national economic ties. Belarus was left responsible for the final industrial production (in fact, the one of Russia), as it was under the Soviet Union, so the economies of the two states remained linked," – Lukashenka explained.

"Today, more than 10 million people work at the enterprises of Russia, which work for the final production in Belarus (they produce components, materials, etc.). Supporting the final production, ensuring that it does not collapse, we help at least 10 million (or even 15 million) people working in Russia," – the dictator stressed.

"It is clear that if there are problems in Russia, there will be problems in Belarus, and in other republics, which are tied to Russia. However, there's no other republic, which economy is as tightly connected with the economy of the Russian Federation as the Belarusian one."

Lukashenka stressed that the Russian leadership is strategically treating the relations with Belarus and this is not a game in one gates:

"This is really a compromise that has been made. No, some must throw a fly in the ointment. That's what some are doing," – the Belarusian ruler stated.