19 June 2018, Tuesday, 23:02

Mahilyou Resident Tricked Out $400 000 of People


A woman wore a uniform of Police Colonel and appointed meetings near ROVD to "sell" seized property.

Mahilyou police detained a swindler who tricked out 780 thousand rubles ($400 000) of people, UVD of the Mahilyou Regional Executive Committee informs.

Almost two years 43 year-old Mahilyou resident allegedly sold cars, apartments, household appliances and was presented herself as the Chief of the Minsk Regional Customs Service, the Deputy Chief of Traffic Police, or Police Colonel.

The woman even wore a police uniform and appointed meeting near ROVD and persuaded people in her access to seized property that could be sold. That was a ball. As soon as she got money she disappeared. She was detained during her other meeting with a "buyer".