23 March 2019, Saturday, 6:33
A Challenge for Everyone

Lukashenka: No One Needs Us In The West


The dictator has once again confirmed the main vector of his foreign policy.

Lukashenka claims Belarus never turned its back to Russia in favor of the West, as no one needs Belarus in the West, interfax.by writes.

“They like to criticize improvement of the relations between Belarus and Europe in Russia, like, the country decided to turn westwards. No one needs Belarus in the West, they have enough such stuff even without us,” – Lukashenka’s press-center quotes the dictator’s remark made during the meeting with governor of Nizhniy Novgorod region Valeriy Shantsev on Thursday in Minsk.

“As for me being loved in the West, you should remember it since those times. Nothing has changed. Living in the center of Europe, we are forced to pursue such policy to keep the country, its security, sovereignty, independence and stability, to give people better lives. We cannot fight either with Russia or the West. This is our destiny,” – Lukashenka has underlined.