24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:38

Zmitser Dashkevich: Lukashenka’s Freaking Out


The “patriots’ case” means the dictator is expecting the end of his power, shaking with fear.

Leader of the “Young Front” Zmitser Dashkevich has said this in an interview to the Charter97.org.

- How would you assess the “White legion” case, do you think it’s politically motivated?

- It’s practically evident that this is a political massacre over the patriots. The “White legion” case cannot even be called a massacre over political opponents, it is aimed against the patriots, who had no claims for being some professional threat to Lukashenka, how it happens in the case of reprisals against some presidential candidates, or parties. In my opinion, this is an inadequate, moronic case.

- Why do you think it’s important to recognize the defendants in the “patriots case” as political prisoners?

- We can make conclusions basing on the external characteristics which we have from the state sources. The information #1: a Jeep materialized in the neutral zone between Belarus and Ukraine, which, as they said, even disappeared already. It seems it flew to the outer space, just like it arrived from there.

The second one is the hacked social networks account of Miraslau Lazouski and the fake information, disseminated approximately a week before the arrests.

The third one is all those news about the re-rods hidden in the bottles somewhere near Asipovichy. All the things listed above show that the authorities have no evidence, no documents against absolutely all the arrestees.

If they want to arrest people for the airsoft guns, then they will have to put thousands of residents of Minsk in jail, as many go to practice airsoft on the weekends.

In general, the case of the "White Legion" is a complete fabrication, a fake, which suggests that it's political.

I believe that Lukashenka has freaked out because of the mass social protests, which took place in the cities of Belarus. He wanted to somehow stop, bring down this wave, and this dictator, who is expecting the end of his power in fear, knows only one way – prison.

Lukashenka seems eager to try this shirt he will have to wear soon, on as many people as possible, before sunset.

I absolutely do not understand how the authorities, with the documents that they have, are going to bring the "patriots case" to the court.