21 May 2018, Monday, 4:30

Mikalai Charnavus: They Say There’s No One Inside While You Can Hear Glasses Clinking Behind Door


The Baranavichy activist has told about his visit to the district executive committee.

– On March 16, I visited the district executive committee. I came there with the issue of finding premises for the people's assembly, and there was a banal boozy session there... I could not make arrangements, as I found nobody at their working places. I was told that there was no one inside – while I could hear the clinking of glasses and voices behind the door. That's their attitude to the people. I phoned the police and said that I could not make any arrangements in the district executive committee, since there was a binge.

The police arrived and took breath tests for alcohol – naturally everyone had negative result. They said that I would account for a false alarm. Of course the results would be negative, because the police are subordinate to the district executive committee.

I am now threatened with criminal prosecution for a false alarm.

I'll tell you one thing, they would not open a criminal case so promptly against any criminal, as they did against Charnavus.