18 June 2018, Monday, 14:36

Lithuanian Parliament Approves Ban On Energy Import From Belarusian NPP


The Astravets NPP represents a threat to Lithuania and violates the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

On Thursday, the Lithuanian Seimas decided to limit the import of electricity from the Belarusian nuclear power plant (the Belarusian NPP) which is under construction in Astravets and other unsafe NPPs of the third countries, delfi.lt writes.

87 MPs voted for the law to take the necessary measures to protect against the threat posed by the unsafe nuclear power stations of the third countries.

A nuclear power plant of a neighboring country will be recognized unsafe if its construction does not comply with the requirements of environmental, nuclear, radiation security, violates international agreements and conventions, and if, due to the geographical location and the technological singularity, it represents a threat to Lithuania's national security, the environment and the public health.

Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas reported earlier that the Belarusian NPP together with the suspended nuclear power project in the Kaliningrad region pose a threat to Lithuania, as they violate the Convention on Nuclear Safety, which requires to coordinate choosing of grounds with the neighboring countries and to assess the impact and possible damage to the people, nature and urbanism.

In June last year, the Lithuanian government approved a plan to impose an embargo on the electricity produced at the Belarusian NPP and in other third countries, according to which its imports to Lithuania and, simultaneously, to other EU countries, will be limited at the trades in the Lithuanian zone Nord Pool. Recently, Poland has stated it will join the initiative of Lithuania.