21 June 2018, Thursday, 13:38

Will There Be Labor Camps For "Parasites" In Belarus?


Lukashenka says that "he will force to work all the 350 thousand of unemployed".

"What shall we do with these 350 thousand people? There’s the stamp of infamy on them, because they are bad people. They only create problems to the police. In general, there are 500 thousand people. We have already freed 150,000. If someone suggests a different path, I will back down. But they must work. Today, the question is how to act in this direction. You know what kind of people they are. 10 thousand will pay in money, and the rest will not pay. And then in February and March they will go out into the streets and roar themselves hoarse. They will also get a penny for it. Therefore, our goal is to make them all work. And there is the Soviet experience, how to make them work. I refer to Popkov – he forced them to work in the USSR and now we can force them as well. We will force all of these 350,000 to work under the new decree," – the dictator said.

Сharter97.org broadcasts the dictator's speech in the "house of representatives" live.