19 June 2018, Tuesday, 13:28

Lukashenka: "Being Flimsy President, I Used To Say..."


The dictator told about the impeachment and "hanged Miasnikovich."

Lukashenka let it slip out that we should not expect reforms and liberalization from him:

"Being a flimsy president, I used to say that we do not have money for any experiments. In America, there is. If we make a mistake, we’ll print currency, the whole world will pay for it. Therefore, I have never taken risks with new ideas. In the 90s, we reprinted all the Russian laws, I canceled all this. How hard it was to me: impeachment proceedings were started against me, and Miasnikovich was hanged in this square, and who else was not hanged. But we survived."

Сharter97.org broadcasts the dictator's speech in the "house of representatives" live.