23 April 2018, Monday, 2:43

Dictator About Education: "As Former Teacher I Say..."


Lukashenka described the "screwed up physics teachers" and "hopes" put upon the new Minister of Education.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka, a graduate of the Faculty of History of Mogilev State University named after Kuleshov, shared his observations about the education system:

"I repeatedly ordered to simplify the education programs and bring them closer to life. It is necessary to take into account that due to the Internet students have access to information. But children can not think independently and choose the right information in this flow. The school should teach it to them.

Why did I change the minister? We need to cut the education program twofold during the summer, by the new academic year. Teachers should find new textbooks, reading books during the summer - they were taught to do this in high schools. We can write new books as well. We have made a real mess of things in mathematics and physics – the textbooks are awful. As a former teacher, I would say that children have disgust for these sciences. Today the children willing to enter the Department of Physics and Mathematics are as rare as hen's teeth. We have derailed them at school! We have already screwed them up, pushed them away. A problem in Physics can be solved more easily – but they have piled it up. Radzkou, you are a normal healthy person, you are a man of the president. Simplify the textbooks. Zharko is complaining to me: there's nobody to take to the army –all are hunchbacked, with scoliosis. Children have no time for sports or music. Give normal textbooks in Physics.

Yesterday it was Thursday – and my child gets up at half past six. He has seven lessons. I ask him: how did the day go? He says to me: everyone was asleep in the first lesson, so I caught a little sleep as well. After all, the child flounders around the house up to eleven anyway. And then he does not get enough sleep.

We turn children into invalids! There's no one to call up for military service."