21 April 2018, Saturday, 21:56

Lukashenka To Minister Of Trade: Control Prices! You Don't Take Orders From IMF


The dictator warned that there would be no "liberalization" in the economy.

Lukashenka stated this in his "message to the people and the parliament." Site Charter97.org made a text online broadcast of the speech.

"Everyone must control prices to prevent their unjustified growth. Especially there is a special hotline on these issues," – the dictator demanded.

– You know what bothers me. Recently, our Minister of Trade (Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Uladzimir Kaltovich - editor's note), who was given a clear task, putting aside this task, said: "You know, we will probably not control prices, we will focus more on developing competition." Maybe I did not hear well or did not understand something... I repeat to you publicly, your task is to control the pricing, as you have started to do once. You don't take orders from some reformers or IMF. Remember this. Control pricing!

Lukashenka used prices for sugar, which jumped by 25%, as an example. Beet processors and beet producers make good money, so why have the prices increased, the dictator wonders.

"And you're talking about some kind of competition. One sugar factory will compete with another, the third, and we will get some effect. It's an illusion!" – Lukashenka is sure.

"Do as you can, and do not listen to anyone who will convince you to perform any liberalization. Liberalization is good for those who have no problems and who have good money in the pocket. And we have millions of people who do not have much money today," – Lukashenka summed up.