21 May 2018, Monday, 0:16

Yury Khashchevatsky: Ryhoravich, This Is Just for Starters

Yury Khashchevatsky
Photo: charter97.org

The riot police will soon go to the Lukashenka residence.

Notorious Belarusian film director Yury Khashchevatsky stated that in the interview with Charter97.org.

- On May 9 Lukashenka again told about the "threat" from NATO and the opposition . Why does the dictator focus on it during Victory Day?

- Lukashenka, of course, sours on all those people whose fathers and grandfathers went west in World War II. The dictator does not have such a "life success", so he tries to do everything so that others cannot celebrate this day.

In fact, Aliaksandr Ryhoravich is afraid that people who remember what Victory is will gather and defeat him. This is what Lukashenka is afraid of the most. There is only one thing for him left - to call the "fifth colony" allthose who oppose the unjust power. And to fool people. But how much are people today willing to be fooled? Much less than yesterday. And this is very important.

- Is this early for Lukashenka to get exited? In addition, this year the May holidays coincided with such a resonant event as the riot of policemen against their bosses. What does this mean?

- Long ago I said that the police would rise against Lukashenka. Here it is.

I'd like to address him: Ryhoravich, this is just for starters. Let's imagine that the riot police will take their batonsand go to his residence. And will knock him out. It will be fun, I think.

The fact is that, as they said in antiquity, everything changes. Today, the world that Lukashenka has imposed on everyone through TV screens disappears now. This life comes to the end. And the life begins "after Lukashenka".

What will it be after him? Whether it will be normal or like under his reign, it is important to know. It depends only on us. We must get it. We must do our best to make the life normal.