23 April 2018, Monday, 16:39

Hold On, Natallia!

Mikalai Statkevich

Leader of the Belarusian National Congress Mikalai Statkevich has backed the editor’s office of the website Charter97.org in a situation when it was divested off the premises in the Belarusian House.

In addition to the above, the harassment campaign against the website was started in the state media and in the internet.

“The frightened envy the brave. They start looking for some mean motives behind their demeanors. The traitorous hate the stout-hearted. And protect the traitors, rejoycing about the replenishment in their ranks. The weak dislike the strong. They are happy when they think a strong person was humiliated,” — Statkevich thinks.

“On May 1, hundreds of vigorous people, despite the detention trucks that surrounded them, held a demonstration in the Independence Avenue, to defend their dignity and demand freedom for new political prisoners. I believe none of those who enjoyably bullied the Charter97 was there. There were mostly new people, from the regions... And the ordinary people who read the Charter97. Because it writes for them in the first place, unlike most other democratic media. Somebody should write for the majority, as, otherwise, how can we win if we don’t become a majority?”

“None of us are angels. However, our descendants and our Homeland will judge us not for this. It has been said, “so by their fruits you will get knowledge of them”. It’s obvious whose fruits are meant.

It’s not by chance that representatives of the Charter97 are mentioned as targets for the harassment in all the recent “masterpieces” of the domestic propaganda. The regime’s squirts tend to attack the most dangerous. This is the case when we should believe our enemies. Therefore – hold on, Natallia! Hold on, dear friends! Let strength, persistence and vigour be with you!” — Statkevich summarizes.

Earlier, directors of the Belarusian House in Warsaw Uladzimir Kobets and Ales Zarembiuk divested the website Charter97.org and the “European Belarus” campaign off their office premises.