19 June 2018, Tuesday, 3:48

Homel Video Bloggers: BT Considers Us "Most Brutal Opposition"

The way three Homel dwellers with an active civil position are fighting official propaganda.

The video project "Rotor Reaper" is getting more and more popular on Internet. Its authors and founders are three Homel citizens with an active civic position and an unlimited sense of humor, BelSat reports.

The guys decided that laughter was the best way to fight official propaganda and fear this propaganda spreads in the country. Briefly speaking – speak lightly about serious things. Authors of the project are – Zmitser Saburay, Viktar Rubtsou and Artsiom Shaparau from Homel.

"It is worth to ridicule the courts, sentences; it's just not possible any more to watch them from such a depressive point of view – to listen to these sentences from a man in a mantle, whom everyone considers a judge. In fact, he is just a clown, and he needs to be shown that he is a clown," – Viktar Rubtsou said.

He also added that, according to the BT (Belarusian Television) version, the authors of the "Rotor Reaper" are "the most brutal opposition".