19 April 2018, Thursday, 18:38

Vasil Paliakou: Protests Show That Authorities Fear Force


Homel activist said that only protests can force the authorities to make concessions.

Homel hero of the national flag Vasil Paliakou told ucpb.org about the importance of protests. According to the activist, the spring protests frightened the authorities.

– Protests that took place in the end of winter and the beginning of spring of this year have demonstrated that the regime understands only the language of force and fears only force. And when it sees such power in the form of protests, when it sees the society's readiness to defend the rights, it reacts to it and is ready to make concessions.

It was possible to trace, as well in Homel, how the authorities reacted to the protests, and at some point the authorities were ready to conduct a dialogue. Another problem is that local authorities can not always solve the issues that exist for the present day. That is, the local government will not abolish Decree No. 3, it is also a problem for it, – Paliakou said.