21 June 2018, Thursday, 21:03

Anatol Liabedzka: They Can Close My Party Any Moment


The UCP chairman is prepared that the party could be banned tomorrow.

The Supreme Court upheld the warning issued by the Ministry of Justice against the United Civil Party.

"Our party has an official warning, and now, at any time, the Ministry of Justice can raise the issue of suspending the activities of our party or closing the party," - Anatol Liabedzka told belaruspartisan.org. "As they say, no need to count until two: just one warning is enough to close a party.

In my opinion, this warning is a reflection on the mass protests that took place in February-March. The UCP took an active part in them. And the warning from the authorities is just a preemptive action for the autumn. It's no secret that this autumn also promises to be hot, in terms of mass actions.

From a legal point of view, these warnings are a complete absurdity. This is recognized even by the officials who claim that it’s not about the legal aspect.

We are ready for any option. Even for the worst. It doesn’t happen any other way in our country. In Germany, you can plan today what will happen in 30 years. Not here though. In Belarus, any day can begin with an unexpected knock at the door by the law enforcement agencies. They can come to any citizen of our country.

It's clear that we are not going to correct our work and our plans in any way.

By the way, in any situation you can find its pros and cons. A registered organization means certain security guarantees for people. Although this does not prevent the same judges from putting our activists in jail for administrative detentions en masse.

A head of an unregistered organization does not have a headache to keep offices, make reports to the Ministry of Justice, to withstand every wording in official documents. We are forced to engage in bureaucratic work, which requires considerable resources, including material ones.

But, I repeat, we are ready to work in any conditions. However, we do not intend to adjust to the situation in the way that the authorities would like, under any circumstances.