24 April 2018, Tuesday, 7:48

General Shunevich – Beria Or Kiszczak?


The last word will always remain for the Belarusian people though.

Coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Dzmitry Bandarenka commented on the role of the Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich in the structure of Lukashenka’s regime, for Belsat.

—Minister Shunevich got some joyful news — a diploma, a reward, but it’s probably not the best news for Belarusians ...

— After the events of 2010, Shunevich was the organizer of experiments and tortures against political prisoners in the remand prisons called "Amerikanka" and "Valadarka". This is what Lukashenka loves him for. Back then, he was a KGB colonel, today he is Lieutenant-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and he received another diploma. This is a reward for having temporarily released the dictator from fear.

— What does this wording mean “for the reinforcement of freedoms and rights of the citizens”? Is this a negligence to all Belarusian people? That man, Andreichanka, who rewarded Shunevich, the “chamber of representatives” – are they all mocking at us?

— It's Orwell today. The "chamber" is a very hilarious organ, they voted as they were told to. They were told to award a diploma and so they did. But I want to note that Shunevich, indeed, is one of the key figures in Belarus. I met him personally in prison, he participated in interrogations (though he did not introduce himself). And I can say that this is a very strong, intelligent enemy - the enemy of the "belarusianity".

— How did hew behave at those interrogations?

— It terms of psychology, he behaved as a “good investigator”, although he wasn’t any of this, he interrogated some people at night-time. He told me he was a man who’s close to Lukashenka’s administration, who could influence my destiny, he told he was concerned about the national security issues.

This is not an ordinary person and, as I said earlier, this is the person who is aiming at Lukashenka's place. As a native of the Luhansk region, he cannot be the president of Belarus, but he can be a Governor General if Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin loves him. Shunevich's game in the direction of Moscow is obvious.

— Is Lukashenka aware he’s part of this game?

— I do not know. Shunevich is a Belarusian Beria or Tsanava in one person. At 10% this is possibly the Belarusian Kiszczak (the Polish general of the communism times) who will launch the mechanism of perestroika (although clever people say that perestroika was the realization of Beria’s concept of the 1950s on the transformation of the USSR). Knowing that the dictator is doomed, it is possible that Shunevich is participating in Operation Successor, since he is very close to Vitya Lukashenka. Recently, they went on a motorcycling ride with some rockers together.

— Do you mean a successor prepared by Lukashenka, or the one prepared by the Kremlin?

— Then again, we don’t know what is in Vitya Lukashenka’s head. He may be considering the option of Kadyrov, as it was Kadyrov junior who was appointed an actual General Governor of Chechnya, after shuffling several candidatures.

— Actually, the fact that Ihar Shunevich occupies the post of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is unimportant for our state, because the leaders of our country do not care what kind of situation we have with legislation and the security of citizens.

— I already said that Shunevich is a Beria. Whatever talents Beria had, he still was a criminal and will remain such, even though he was shot not for the things he had done. The same is with Shunevich. This is a tragedy of such monstrous personalities, whom the destiny, the history lifts up. Maybe they do bear some inclinations in them (they told about Beria that he was a good organizer), but these are the people of the same nature as Himmler, Ezhov, Tsanava.

— Why should the authorities raise hatred for the law enforcement agencies, after all, the level of trust in them is already very low. Why giving such diplomas, after all it is a slap in the face of the Belarusian people?

— This is an attempt to break the spirit of the Belarusian people. The second task is to bedaub the Westerners, "useful idiots", as Comrade Stalin once said, who come to Belarus. On June 22, many such high-ranking personalities will arrive in Minsk with obscure goals. Lukashenka bedaubs them and he says: "You are like me, you love money, you support the death penalty in Belarus, support tortures and lawlessness in Belarus." If the international community behaved differently, Lukashenka would be forced to behave differently.

— The international community has been very quiet recently...

— No they haven’t, they are flirting with the dictator. They have been bedaubed. The dictatorship attacks today: Putin dictates the rules of the game to the whole world, Lukashenka is such figure at the regional level. Such things usually happen in the view of worldwide catastrophes, when people lose their minds, start losing moral orienting points.

The dictator shows: you are like me, you meet with me, kiss, embrace, and I will do what I do, I will kill, torture, rob. In this situation, only the people can say their word, because the people are sovereign. We do not need to look to the East or to the West, we need to demonstrate our will to live, the will to independence, so that, as our great poet wrote, we can "be called humans."

— Did Shunevich, Lukashenka, their adherents manage to fully demolish this will to independence in the Belarusian people?

— No, they didn’t! We have all seen the geography of protests this spring. The war is not over, it was just one battle. I doubt that Lukashenka won in this situation. By May 1, all unemployed people had to be employed, but, according to the Belarusian Council of Ministers, this year there have been 7 thousand more people dismissed in the country than those employed. Nothing can be done with the economy. They know that the time has come for perestroika again, this is due to the fall in the price of oil.

— It turns out that it is very convenient for the authorities that the police hate Belarusians, and the people hate the police, this is how the system works.

— Lukashenka wants to have dogs that will execute his orders, but the moods that, for example, manifested in Krychau, show that there are normal people in the police as well, not just idiots. Of course, what you said is one of the goals of the authorities: divide and rule. There is nothing new here.

But I think that Beria once proposed reforming the Soviet Union and even tried to implement it, because the intelligence services always know the real state of affairs in the country better. The dictator does not receive full information, while people like Shunevich know everything. Even such a dark person as Shunevich may have different options for action.

— And the main question. Whom do these special services serve: Belarus or the Kremlin?

— This is an open question, the same question was asked by the Strugatsky brothers in the book "It's hard to be a God." In the novel, there is such a phrase: where grayness triumphs, blacks always come to power. But we must not forget that there is the will of the people, in the same book there were the heroes who led the people to rebellion.

— Such things are anti-utopic, unfortunately...

— They were realized. The Soviet Union collapsed, and the Strugatsky brothers not only predicted it, but prepared thousands of heroes in different countries, for whom it’s the whole life.