16 December 2018, Sunday, 0:49
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Has Lukashenka Secretly Increased His Administration?


Contrary to the announced "reduction", a new department was created in the dictator's administration.

Belarusian blogger d-zholik reports about that following an independent investigation.

"Lukashenka’s secret decree, classified "for official use", increased the structure of the administration. Lukashenka made the corresponding decision exactly on the day, when the number of the administration was supposed to be reduced by 30%.

Back in February, when the reduction of Lukashenka's administration was officially announced, I expressed doubts about that.

On May 1, Lukashenka issued a secret decree No. 142-dsp, which confirmed the obvious – contrary to what had been said, his administration bureaucrats would not be axed.

Approved only at the beginning of this year, the updated structure of the administration did not have time to come into force, Lukashenka made another changes to it: the president state protocol department, headed by his old favorite Darja Shmanai, was formed.

An insignificant percentage of the administration clerks were sent to resignation, provided by "golden parachutes" and retiring pension at the expense of taxpayers, and a classified number was transferred to duties in other presidential structures.

There is a significant reduction on paper, but in fact – all the stuff is in its place."