20 April 2018, Friday, 9:55

The State Control Confirms Arrest of Victar Puzikau

Victar Puzikau

On June 13 Victar Puzikau, his wife and his companion were detained for tax evasion (1.4 million rubles).

Businessman, owner of 7788 taxi service Victar Puzikau was detained in Minsk. The Financial Investigation Department (FID) of the State Control Committee (SCC) of Belarus informed tut.by.

As it became known, on June 13 Victar Puzikau, his wife and his companion were detained. His wife Alena Puzikava and his companion were released on June 14.

The head and the actual owner of the metropolitan taxi service did not pay more than 1.4 million rubles of taxes, the SCC informs.

Employees of the FID SCC in Minsk and the Minsk region stopped unlawful activities of the head and the actual owner of metropolitan Almaz taxi dispatch service.

"It is established that this person regularly received cash not reflected in the organization's accounting from official and "illegal" taxi drivers for taxi dispatch services in 2015-2017 years. This allowed him to evade taxes. According to preliminary estimates, unpaid taxes amounted to more than 1.4 million rubles," the agency informs.

Employees of the financial police have initiated a criminal case under Art. 243, para 2 (Tax evasion in an especially large amount) of the Criminal Code.

Two suspects (including, and the head of the taxi dispatch service) are detained and are in a temporary detention facility.

In the course of criminal investigation and urgent investigative actions documents, data storage devices with information about illegal income were seized.

Settlement accounts, cash, as well as 93 cars and 30 real estate objects worth a total of more than $2 million were arrested.

The SCC notes that this scheme allowed the taxi dispatch service to set lower prices and it made possible to the service to occupy one of the dominant positions in the market. In this connection, the monthly income received by the owner of the taxi service through the use of unlawful schemes, according to preliminary estimates, exceeded $200.000.

According to Pro Business portal, Victar Puzikau is in Top-25 of the most successful young Belarusian businessmen. He is the founder of the Almaz taxi service, director of ChTUP VIPTrade. It includes taxi services 7788 Almaz, 252, 7878, 778.

Almaz taxi has more than 3 thousand subscribers. In 2014 it purchased 60 new Jeely cars and started construction of four service stations in Minsk.