25 June 2018, Monday, 16:49

Belarusian and Russian Armies Act as One Westwards, Lukashenka Says


The dictator was really frightened by "the huge drones of NATO members".

Lukashenka stated that at the meeting with Secretaries of Security Councils of the CSTO member states, the press-service of the Belarusian ruler informs.

The dictator noted that "the Belarusian and Russian armies act as one westwards." "Everyone can see this. But if there is such a force, it is clear that military manoeuvres must be conducted. And we conduct them," the president said. "Nevertheless, our manoeuvres are not aimed at attack on someone's territory." We have enough of our own. We are not going to conquer anyone. But we build our policy taking into account the lessons of the past. We do not threaten anyone, we are not going to attack anyone or fight with anyone, but we train our army so that it is ready to repulse an attack and inflict damage on those who want to fight with us. This is our concept."

"The strangest thing is that we are reproached for being far from what they are doing. We do not form or place any new military units of foreign states here. On the contrary, we see how more and more units and troops, including foreign ones, are deployed along our borders," the dictator stated.

"It's fine with troops, but the most modern unmanned aerial vehicles are deployed there. When I saw pictures of these drones ... they are huge, like real planes. . Whom do they aim at? And they tell us: you calm down, you should not conduct any exercises. No, we will, because nobody will neglect the security of states. Neither Russia, nor Belarus, nor the CSTO," Lukashenka stated.