18 June 2018, Monday, 16:13

Homel: No Money For Polyclinic, Repair Regional Executive Committee’s Office


The residents of the new micro-districts are forced to go to another polyclinic.

A question came to the text message line 142 of the Homel regional executive committee:

- When will the construction of the polyclinic in Mazurau Street be completed? For tests, we have to go to the Landyshau Street, changing transport, then stand in a queue for some two hours, and then repeat the same route to see the doctor in the evening, kp.by writes.

The city executive committee published an official reply:

- Regarding the issue of construction of an object “Polyclinic in the micro-district #17 in Homel city (adult and children)” we inform herewith that the customer for the constructiopn of the said object is the state enterprise “Homel City Capital Construction Management”. The financing of this object is made for the expense of the republican and regional budget. Due to the absence of financing, it appears impossib to define the terms of launching the object into exploitation. The scheduled date is 2020.

As reported earllier, the officials decided to “redecorate” the hall of the Homel regional executive committee for $ 500K.