25 June 2018, Monday, 16:58

Which of Belarusian rich children stay in family business


How the owners of the largest domestic companies prepare their own successors.

In recent years, a change of generations has taken place in the management of well-known Belarusian private companies. The heirs of some domestic oligarchs have already taken the reins of business in their own hands, while the children of other rich people are only gaining managerial experience.

Experts of Zavtra Tvojei Strany highlighted several bright people of the new generation in large family companies.

Liudmila Antonauskaya

She worked in the company Polimaster, founded by her father, Aliaksandr Antonauski. According to her, she never expected that she would take the main post in the family business. However, the tragic events forced her to lead the company: first, her father died, then her brother.

Nowadays, Liudmila Antonauskaya is the owner of a 94% stake in one of the world's largest manufacturers of radiation monitoring and control equipment.

Siarhei Chyzh

The eldest son of now disgraced Yury Chyzh. The graduate of University College London and Oxford University became a co-owner in several companies within the Triple holding company, and in 2013 he joined the supervisory board of the Minsk sparkling wine factory.

In 2016, which was a difficult time for the Triple company because its main owner Yury Chyzh was imprisoned, Siarhei Chyzh tried to settle relations with creditors and suppliers. In May 2016, he became the chairman of the supervisory board of the football club Dynamo-Minsk, and since February 1 of this year he is officially the general director of Triple company.

Pavel Martynau

The son of the only senator-businessman Mikalai Martynau, has been working in his father's shoe holding "Marco" for quite a long time. Pavel Martynau is the head of the San Marco factory.

The senator's daughter Raisa also previously helped her father in the business. But she got married and left for the US.

Vitali and Yury Yatsuk

They have been working in their father's company Vitalyur for a long time. It is symbolic that the name of the enterprise, founded in 1995 by Aliaksandr Yatsuk, comes from the names of his heirs.

Siarhei Shihalau, Dziana Kuryla-Shihalava, Maksim Prakapovich

Representatives of the second generation of the owners of the Trading House "Zhdanovichy" were introduced into the business during the life of their parents. After the founders of the largest shopping complex in the country Yauhen Shygalau and Mikhail Suprunovich left the business, they became its owners and are now engaged in restructuring the business, as well as modernizing the markets.

Aliaksei Adamovich

He is responsible for financial matters in his father's company. Adamovich Jr. is the deputy director for financial issues of Komfarma: one of the largest distributors of medications in Belarus. His father Uladzimir Adamovich formerly owned the plant Lekpharm and now he is investing in a new production: AmantisMed.

Siarhei Tsybulin

The son of one of the first bankers of Belarus Valiantsin Tsybulin. He started his work in the RRB-Bank, which became a family-run business again last year (Valiantsin Tsybulin bought out shares from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the German company DEG). Now Siarhei Tsybulin is a member of the RRB-Bank's Board of Directors.

Vadzim Avanesau

One of the key top managers of the distribution and retail holding, which owns the chain of stores Sosedi, pizzeria restaurants Tempo-pizza, a network of restaurants Vasilki and Sushi-Vesla. Vadzim Avanesau is the son of one of the founders and co-owners of this holding Aliaksandr Avanesau.